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fashion women HIJAB Make Up Tips

fashion women HIJAB Make Up Tips

fashion women HIJAB Make Up beautyMake Up Tips For Women Hijab
Look beautiful is the dream of all women, including veiled women, here are tips on grooming and also make up for Muslim women who wear veils to be able to look fashionable, stylish and trendy. Veiled woman would shut her hair so that the face was the one who will be the main concern and most are part of the eye. In addition to beautiful makeup tips below is a good idea if you also read some tips to get the skin smooth and free of wrinkles the natural way on this blog.

Make Up Tips For Women Hijab
1. Eye
For those of you who wear the hijab, around the eyes is the part that can be seen clearly. Therefore, consider your eyebrows after finish. If your eyebrows fall apart it will affect your overall face shape. Use an eyebrow pencil to emphasize the shape eyebrows, avoid making tattoos eyebrows, because impressed not natural.
For eye makeup, you can use eye shadow with colors that match the clothes you wear. To be more beautiful eyes, add eye liner and mascara on your eyelashes. Earlier flops do not forget eyelashes for more flicks. As we know the majority of middle eastern women who wear veils are very clever in their eye makeup to look more beautiful, this is a tips and tricks female beauty middle eastern-style eyes
A. Eye lashes
If your eyelashes are tapering and thick enough, then you just use black mascara or dark brown to make it look sharp. Do not have lashes like these? Just add false eyelashes. Choose which not too long, but quite dense. Do not forget to shape it in advance by cutting the right side-left to fit the shape of your eyes. Then clamp the eyelash curler to blend with your eyelashes, apply mascara and dark color tone with eye liner and eye Brow.
B. Eye liner
Obviously this function as a confirmation eye liner eye, then you must use it. Rather than using eye liner pencil, you need a combination of some of the liquid eye liner, pencil and powder. The first step to use powder eye liner or eye shadow color matching using a small brush and a thin lead box. Apply from the middle petals toward the outer corner of eye, top and bottom. Give tail angled at the outer corner of the eye. The second step, use a pencil eye liner to frame the center of the petal to the corner of the eye. Eye liner from the Middle East has its own color strength that makes you look different. Finally, affirmed the eye with a liquid eye liner, apply from the middle petals toward outer corner of eye, top and bottom.
C. Eye Brow
Lastly, do not miss your eyebrows. Shape eyebrows be raised and angled (not half circle). Give colored shimmery white eye shadow under the brow, right in your eye bone. Do not exceed the length of the eyebrows. Then affirmed eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil instead, but with the color of eye shadow with mascara and eye liner you, apply with a small brush that led the round. Not only beautiful eyelids, now you get the entire Arabic eyes are beautiful, firm and mysterious
2. Lip
Lipstick can mempercerah your face, so choose a lipstick with natural color natural. Before wearing lipstick do not forget to use lipbalm lip beforehand so that moisture is maintained. If you want to highlight makeup on the lips, stay away from makeup that stands out in the eye, and vice versa, to avoid the impression too excited on the makeup.
fashion women HIJAB Make Up Tips3. Shadow and shading
Shading in makeup to determine whether or not the final result. Note the shape of your face. Shading can give and the small concave effect on your face. If you have an oval or long face, use the basic foundation with a darker color than the original face color. But if you have a triangular face shape, shading still be given at the end of the chin. For the shadow, so as not to look pale, you can apply blush on the color pink or orange.
Once you get a beautiful makeup tips for women veiled then you do is just select the appropriate Muslim dress, because a lot of Muslim women's clothing choices are trendy today.

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