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queen Rania fashion women

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Queen Rania BEAUTIFUL FASHION WOMAN, wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan is known not merely for her beauty and social activity, but also high fashion taste. Even Queen Rania touted as one of the iconic fashion empire in the modern world.

quen Rania fashion women2012
Rania fashion women
quen Rania fashion
2012Rania fashion women
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1Rania fashion women
Queen Rania was the most industrious and active in cyberspace.
King Abdullah's wife has a YouTube channel, Facebook account with 'friends' more than 200,000 people, a Twitter account with more than 1 million followers, and a personal website. Of course, Rania active in various social networks on the internet is not without reason. Queen of Jordan's claim that the channels could help him close to his subjects.

"Social networking is the fastest tool, terdatar, and simplest way to relate to all people, from finding new friends, former friends sekosan to your favorite athlete or artist," he explained to CNN.

"The Internet has made communication between fans and friends is so much easier, whether you're a famous blogger or politician season. For people in my position, it helps expose the title and clarify what I do and what's important to me," he added.

As one proof, Rania never send a tweet which revealed that he was an activity that is not related to the kingdom, the George Clooney movie.

"At home, I usually reward myself with a movie and eating pop corn. I see The Men Who Stare at Goats," he wrote.

"In this film unusual is how funny Clooney." he added.

According to Jennifer Mc-Lean, Vice President Marketing Techrunch, popular sites that review Internet products, and active involvement of the mother country in the virtual world is something great.

In the past, ordinary people really do not know what the first lady everyday except through a magazine or newspaper format which of course it was edited here and there.

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