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female dress thats like it by men

female dress thats like it by men

Female dress thats like it by men, BE ATTRACTIVE and Look beautiful in sight of men is the every woman desire. Hailed by the idol of the heart must be a highly anticipated every woman. That said, most men prefer women who use natural makeup and stylish appearance. What performance style that men like and how to achieve it?
female dress thats like it by male
female dress thats like it by male
1. Pretty thin of make-up
Men do not always appreciate how the application of make-up like a woman. Most men just want to see your pretty face. While the smoky eye makeup and bright red lips that could stand to see your natural beauty. How to make your appearance under makeup looks pretty thin to ensure your skin is well preserved, and highlight the advantages on one side of your face. After making sure your skin is clean, apply a primer (foundation) is good to coat and protect your skin. For the summer, apply an oil-free foundation at the location required, for example, at points there blackish stain just to make sure your skin looks naturally beautiful. we dont must be like korean artist.

2. Naturally wavy hair
Hair style women surfers look naturally wavy and not too bothered setting, but still look sexy. Hairstyles are arranged a little "wild" but still beautiful, like gentle waves and feels smooth, fragrant also will make a man could not resist petting him. If you have naturally wavy hair, ala berekspresilah women surfers. Just make sure no hairs sticking out. You have straight hair can also do this by shampooing at night, and then, in a state of semi-dry, apply a special gel to make curly hair look better the hair from root to tip. Then, start braiding hair, but not too tightly. Then open in the morning. Alternatively, you can twist a section of hair, then clamped, then open it in the morning. just follow own fashion in this years, example : syahrini hairstyle .
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3. Cheeks are flushed
Cheeks blushed make a person look young and passionate. To make it look naturally flushed cheeks, try using a liquid or cream cheek rather than made of powder, because it can make the skin dry. Best color for you should that resembles the color of your cheeks when you're flushed after exercise. Another way you can do is to gently pinch your cheeks, and then select the color that resembles cheek color. The way is to start pengaplikasikannya its application in the most high cheekbones toward the top of your ears. new trend.

4. Lips "nude"
Lip color "nude" impressed soft and comfortable kissed. No wonder men prefer to see their partner's lips without many layers of lipstick and gloss. The first step for a natural lip look attractive is to keep lips healthy. Begin a regular habit to do a lip scrub at least once a week to remove dead skin that accumulate on the lips. In the evening, you can use a soft toothbrush bristles to remove dead skin, and then coated with a moisturizing lip balm before going to bed. Then, to make your lips look more beautiful, give a layer of lip gloss in the center for the day. However, if your lip color is too close to the color of your skin, apply a lipstick that the behavior is older than your lip color, and then cover with a thin gloss.

But others will say, that he would love her makeup looks confident wearing whatever she wore.
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